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  • If You’re In Real Estate You Need To Read This!

    Authority Solutions are the Real Estate SEO Experts that will help your company improve targeted traffic, attain top rankings on keywords, improve phone calls and generate leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process used to enhance the online visibility of your company to increase targeted traffic, attain number one search engine rankings on agreed upon keywords and increase phone calls, leads and inquiries from website visitors.

    Search Engine Dominance

    Whenever individuals type your business’s name into a search engine, your company website should be the first listing they find. The remaining listings will vary (according to device, location, etc.); however, they are going to typically include social profiles, entries for Google Places, and news stories. Wikipedia articles and review sites can also make the front page, so check that any facts printed there are correct.

    Your goal really should be to dominate the first page results with listings you manage. Set up key social profiles (if you haven’t already) and, crucially, make sure you have a Google+ page. Google will include Google+ updates on the right-hand side of its desktop search results, so being active on this channel is a great way to push positive news and information.

    To exude authority, you ought to also aim to appear prominently in search results for key search terms within your industry. The more a customer comes across your brand in search results, the more they will regard you as an important player.

    Reputation Management for Individuals

    Physicians, legal professionals, small business owners, accountants, consultants, freelancers and contractors turn to Authority Solutions ( for online reputation management and reputation repair. If you are a victim of internet defamation or slander you know how someone can anonymously hide behind a hateful comment, video or blog post that can remain online permanently and harm your personal life or business.

    Reputation Management for Business

    Our expert online reputation management services team will establish a positive reputation for your company no matter who is searching for your business online â customers, clients or coworkers.
    We create and feature beneficial content and push down damaging negative content so you can control what people see when they search for your organization online.
    Call today to find out why Authority Solutions – the real estate seo Experts ought to be the reputation builder for your company.

  • Justin Flanagan – the family man, is a devoted spouse who married his secondary school sweetie, Cyndie Balfour, and papa of 2 ladies. Justin is priced quote as stating “I have been really blessed and remain grateful everyday for the opportunities with my family”. He gives of his time to his household and is active within the community along with some regional charities. One of the charities that is near and dear to his heart is The Snowdrop Foundation which helps children with cancer as well as their households. A section of the earnings from Justin’s business deals is contributed to this cause. His time at the beach with the household assists keep the balance between company and household.

    Justin has more than 21 years of sales and management experience. Prior to he began his career in real estate, he was in the automobile market for almost fifteen years in both sales and management. The last position he held was as Web Sales Supervisor for Westside Lexus and was responsible for overseeing the growth and growth of the Internet Department. He maintained a very high client fulfillment index and kept consistent follow up with all his clientele which resulted in a remarkable recommendation business.

    In 2007, Justin Flanagan – the Realtor entered into the real estate market. He swiftly ended up being excitemented at the lots of possibilities that real estate supplied and became a top manufacturer himself. Justin founded Topmark Realty in 2009 and he has continued the group’s expansion with Keller Williams Realty in Katy, TX. He has been grateful for the chance to aid so numerous families with their transition and is constantly appreciative since without them, none of this happens.

    Justin prepares on expanding from the Katy real estate market into other markets across Texas before branching out into other states and eventually around the world. He believes in several vital ingredients to the success of any individual or any business– a big vision, terrific ethics, and working with fantastic people in assisting them accomplish their goals. Read More at

  • Looking for Katy TX Real Estate?

    Just about every single month thousands move to Texas. For years a population explosion has affected the country’s largest state. These people may not be here for the weather, but the cities are brimming with opportunity. There are jobs, lower tax obligations, friendly communities, and affordable homes. The list goes on. Rather than settling for small shabby apartments, people are searching for properties for sale in Katy, TX. After all why rent when you can buy? When you think differently about your hard earned money, you begin to choose wisely.

    Established near Houston, Katy is a multi-dimensional city inviting different cultures. Though it’s a bustling place, it’s family friendly, quiet and very private. In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates. It boasts of an excellent education system as well as several community centers. Parks are lined with lush green trees. Businesses are thriving. Everything you can ask for is within reach.

    For most people, it just sounds too good to be true. High cost of living and an upside down mortgage are the greatest fears buyers have. There’s also the uncertainty of change. For families, it’s not just a new geographic location. Finding employment, having a stable income and residing in a safe environment come with the territory. Nobody goes around looking for a roof and four walls. These individuals seek refuge, coziness, and convenience.

    When more individuals move in, the high demand for housing leaves some buyers desperate. These individuals’re willing to go for anything. Even if these people’re unhappy, these people bear and grin it because these individuals need a place to stay. Sure there are cracks on the wall, but it’s near their kid’s school. Yeah it’s out of the budget, but it’s the only one available. These people make all kinds of excuses, and it’s not their fault either. Wolves may prey on their vulnerability. All this can build up anxiety and doubt. Their hopes and expectations are smashed because of a bad experience.

    This is why a really good realtor walks you through checking out houses for sale in Katy Texas. Everything is transparent from the beginning. If there’s a fine print, it’s gone over with a fine-tooth comb under a magnifying glass. Nothing is covered up, and you know exactly what you’re in for. These people assess your lifestyle and your concerns. You are treated as a person and not a walking wallet.

    With so many offers in the market, it can be overwhelmeding for homebuyers. If you’re investing in a property, a real estate professional can also help you gauge its market value in the long run. They save you time, personal savings and energy by proactively looking for options. These people tackle difficult circumstances and handle the contracts. The know how to negotiate, so everybody arrives at a win-win solution. You know you have expert advice to lean on. Looking for the right person is a small sacrifice which reaps results.

    Here’s the bottom line. Relocating is more than just the price list. The overall assessment of a reliable home is more than its cost. Where you live affects all other areas of your life. Communication is key to a smooth and successful transaction. Choose a realtor who listens to you and understands your lifestyle. If you choose Katy, the people at going to help you grab the cream of the crop.

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